Gem, now 26, has been on Saracen Veteran mix for 12 years.  It is perfect for her as it keeps her optimum body condition and her coat has a lovely shine (even for a grey!). This mix is perfect as it is oat-free so doesn't heat her up. She's quite a sharp horse (even at 26 years old!)so she doesn’t need any excuses.

Together Gem and I have competed in almost every equine discipline. She has had a very active life in the 20 years I have now owned her, jumping up to foxhunter and eventing at riding club level. 

10 hour day cropped

In 2008, when she was 20, she was part of a quadrille display team at Royal Windsor, where she had two days to learn to joust, this followed with making it to the SEIB Quadrille Championships at Olympia later that year as part of a Witches routine!  There are not many horses who would lead other horses into a packed area with the Household Calvery charging in the opposite direction pulling cannons!

olympia 20 years old

We have just joined Senior Showing and Dressage in a bid to get her out and about to more shows, which she adores. She was at the Bakewell County Show early August where she won both Veteran Plus in hand and Ridden classes and has qualified for the first round Olympia Anthony Evans SSDL.  We are now preparing her for the Second Round Qualifiers, which, if successful will see Gem back at Olympia in December 2014, but this time for the Veteran Championships!

2014 Bakewell at 26 years old crop