I acquired Ernie in May of 2013, he was fresh from the track with barely more than a month since his last race. He had P2P'ed in Southern Ireland, and was clearly terrible at it, having been pulled up/fallen in all of his races. When he first came to me, he was in an awful condition. His coat was dull, he was pretty lifeless with very little 'spark' or personality to him - he was also severely underweight, estimated to be around a 1 on a condition score chart. As well as this, he had serious gastric ulcers. I decided very quickly that I simply didn't have the feed knowledge to help my horse, and decided to contact Saracen for some advice. 

I chose Saracen Feeds because I felt they were of a very high quality whilst being affordable, had an incredible amount of research into the nutrition behind their feeds and their advice line was second to none. I definitely wasn't disappointed, I spoke to Rachel who has been fantastic, I felt she was genuinely passionate about helping me make my horse feel the very best that he could. Not only did she provide excellent and very thorough advice about the best products to be feeding him, but also the ways in which I could begin to encourage him to change his eating habits. Ernie has been fed on Re-Leve, Equi-Jewel and a very small amount of Super Fibre Pencils, I have also had him on RiteTrac which I think has been instrumental in keeping his stomach happy. I have since spoken to Rachel on numerous occasions about tweaking his diet slightly in order to get the best out of him, and the improvement is staggering.

Now, the horse that would completely ignore food is one of the first to start the racket at feed times. The lifelessness has completely vanished and has been replaced with a horse that is full of passion for life, and his new job as an event horse. I am really excited about Ernie's future, and have been taking things slowly to give him time to develop. We have been working hard at home, with the view to taking him to his first event around mid/end of the 2014 season. My aim with him for the future is to compete at Badminton Grassroots, which is now entirely possible thank you to the feed that is helping him to look and feel great!

Thank you!



Ernie May 2013


5th May 13 v2

Ernie March 2014

IMG 1543