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Feeding a horse properly doesnt have to be difficult or complicated as long as you keep your nutritional goals in mind. We are here to help you by offering simple, practical solutions that make sense. We have a professional, well-qualified and understanding team of nutritional staff and are the exclusive Kentucky Equine Research (KER) Team Member in the UK. KER is the most prolific independant equine research centre in the world, entirley committed to the advancement of breeding and athletic performance through nutrition.

Saracen Horse Feeds offer a range of resources to help guide you on how to choose the most suitable feed for your horse:

Call our Feed Advice line for immediate advice

Call: 01622 718 487

Feed Advice Form

Complete our quick and easy form, CLICK HERE, and one of our in-house nutritionists will complete a detailed feeding plan for your horse based on the information you provide.

Microsteed™ - Interactive Ration Consultant

With the help of a user-wizard, Microsteed™ will  guide you through a series of questions regarding your horses diet and routine. It will then provide a list of suitable feeds for you to select. Microsteed will then provide you with a full ration breakdown (vits/mins), inclusive of your described forage and pasture elements, to demonstrate how the feed "balances" the forage.

Click here to visit Microsteed™

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Please be advised that this service is reserved for consultations for yards with 5 or more horses.

Lizzie Drury MSc RNutr – Registered Nutritionist – 07813 601363

Nic Read – Area Manager (South East) – 07841 045273

Rosie King - Area Manager (Eastern) – 07736 881029

Sarah Rushby - Area Manager (North) - 07894 611 898

Kate Hayward - Area Manager (Midlands) - 07802 815596