Super venue, very similar to Addington, but packed full of show jumping enthusiasts, many in black tie enjoying a posh dinner overlooking the arena.... 

The night started bang on 7pm with a driven course walk by Boyd as we felt the crowd might not have seen extreme driving before. We then all drove one round to decide the starting order for the real competition. 

The atmosphere was electric and my horses "lit up" like a Christmas tree and dragged me past the first obstacle and left me hanging on for grim death for the whole round. I was summarily last, so had to go straight away again, as last is first to go in round 1.

A couple of tactical bit changes and we had a much smoother round!!! 

Wilf had similar strength issues leading to too many knock downs. Dick drove a very slick round but 2 knock downs dropped him 2 seconds below me. Boyd blitzed it with a phenomenal time.

Everyone drove a better final round to leave the final order as:

1st Boyd
2nd Georgina
3rd Dick
4th Wilf

Watch some recent action below of Georgina's 4-in-hand team at the previous competition at Merrist Wood. 

The next indoor is Addington at the Conference British Carriage Driving Conference where Saracen Senior Nutritionist will be giving a nutritional talk for carriage driving horses and all are welcome. 

It is now a needle contest between Dick and I for one of the wild cards at Olympia (Boyd Excell already has the other wild card offered). There are only seconds separating us so the heat is on...!