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Antioxidant Support


Travelling, even short journeys cause all horses some degree of stress, even in well-seasoned travellers that do not display any signs.

After travel muscle enzymes are often raised, which can result in muscle soreness, and stress hormone levels are also often elevated which can have a negative effect on the horses immune function.

Sian Walking Horse

Horses that regularly travel can use up their stores of anti-oxidants, especially vitamin E, relatively quickly during travel and recovery, and it can take a long time to build these levels back up again, which can result in a lack of energy and decrease in performance levels. To help combat this for horses that travel and compete often we suggest adding additional vitamin E into the ration. Vitamin E helps to maintain immune function and also support the cardiovascular, circulatory, neuromuscular, and reproductive systems.

Nano E2 NEW

When supplementing with Vitamin E look for a natural form such as KER NANO E. Natural vitamin E supplement is more easily taken up by the horse and is also retained in the tissues for longer than synthetic vitamin E.

Top Tip: As compound feeds contain a good level of selenium, we would not advise adding additional selenium into the ration as horses can easily suffer from selenium toxicity.