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Have You Got The Feeding Balance Right This Season?


We understand that getting the balance between condition, power and performance throughout the season can be problematic, and can also be costly.

One option for those carrying too much weight or with an excitable temperament would be a two-Part feeding plan, pairing our balancers with performance feeds to create the optimum balance. Providing flexibility in feeding ensures that you can maintain a controllable temperament whilst using readily available energy to give you the extra oomph or sparkle needed to finish your season with fuel in the tank.

Holly Woodhead eventing

Two-part feeding plans are ideal for competition horses and ponies that need their waistline monitoring whilst ensuring that they have energy reserves to be able to train, compete and recover. Think of the balancers as the base layer of your horse’s diet proving the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and quality proteins in a condensed low-calorie base. Whilst the performance mix provides the energy as when required in the run up to a competition.

Balance perfected

ESSENTIAL BALANCER is a low sugar and starch pelleted balancer which can be paired with RE-LEVE MIX or CUBES, ENDURO-PERFORMANCE or COMPETITION-FIT-MIX . RE-LEVE provides slow release energy through fibre and oils in a low starch, low sugar mix. ENDURO provides stamina with a small inclusion of cereals to give a little bit of sparkle, whilst the COMPETITION FIT MIX provides instant energy with a high cereal inclusion ensuring that glycogen stores maintain topped up.

When feeding a two-part feeding system, you can half the recommended feeding rate of both the balancer and the performance feed.

For a 500kg sports horse that is holding their weight well and is slightly behind the leg requiring instant energy 250g of ESSENTIAL BALANCER can be paired with 1-1.5kg of COMPETITION-FIT-MIX to top up the energy requirement without the additional calories. The two-part feeding plan allows additional flexibility as if training is reduced the ESSENTIAL BALANCER can be increased to the full recommended rate of 500g daily, with the COMPETITION-FIT-MIX being removed. If the energy demands are heightened the ESSENTIAL BALANCER can be removed and the full intake of 2-2.5kg of COMPETITION-FIT-MIX can be fed.