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Competition-Fit-Balancer Sample Request


Request your free sample of the New and Improved Competition-Fit-Balancer.

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COMPETITION-FIT-BALANCER is a highly nutritious, low intake performance balancer in the unique form of a mix. Being in mix form allows this balancer to provide a higher level of fibre and oil which support stamina, and the inclusion of micronised maize helps to provide a higher energy level when compared to traditional pelleted feed balancers. The blend of energy sources supports a controlled energy release helping to maintain a calm and trainable temperament.

COMPETITION-FIT-BALANCER has a new encapsulated red apple flavour and the unique inclusion of Palatability Plus (P+). Formulated to encourage even the fussiest of feeders and those with limited appetites, to maintain optimal feed intake when travelling and competing where nutritional uptake is so important.

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