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Naked Oats


  • Top-quality naked oats
  • Blended with soya oil
  • High energy straight feedingstuff
  • Pack size 20KG

The husk-less oats, also known as naked oats, offer a higher level of carbohydrate and protein compared to traditional oats. Their concentrated feeding value makes them ideal for increasing energy intake of horses in training and for feeding fussy horses or those with smaller appetites. Lightly coated with oil to add to their naturally high oil profile SUPERIOATS has an oil content of 9.5%.


  • Oats


Ingredient Quantity
Protein 13%
Oil 9.5%
Fibre 3%
Digestible Energy 15MJ/Kg

Oats should be fed alongside a cereal balancer to ensure adequate intake of minerals, vitamins and key amino acids. Oats can be fed as needed to provide adequate energy for work and growth.

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