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Optimum rehydration and recovery

Low Starch

Supports hindgut health


Feed alongside any diet

Vitamin E

Supports normal muscle function & recovery

Quick Soak

Ready within 5-10 minutes


Re-Covery Mash is a versatile and convenient feed which can be added into any feeding regime, whatever the season. To celebrate the messy mash that is RE-COVERY Mash we are offering you the chance to win a Saracen bucket of goodies. Upload your photo below of your horse enjoying the original rehydration mash to be entered into our monthly prize draw.

Feeding a mash in the winter months can also hold many benefits and the Re-Covery Mash is a perfect addition to the tack room even when the dark nights draw in. The feed contains a blend of ’Super-Fibres’, known for their superior digestibility and provision of non-heating calories helping to keep weight and condition on over the winter months. A source of electrolytes helps to helps to maintain optimum hydration and thirst response, something which is equally important during cold spells when horses tend to drink less water, increasing the risk of impaction colic.

Each month we will select up to 10 finalist photos which will be posted on our Facebook page. The winner will be the photo with the most likes by the specified date on the Facebook post.

Remember the messier the better - Good luck!


Whether you feed RE-COVERY Mash after training, travelling, competing or on a daily basis share a picture of your horse enjoying the messy mash!
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