Diane Whitehead contacted Rachel at Saracen for feeding advice when her broodmare, Daniek, came home from Stud. It was the first time Diane had bred a foal and she wanted to make sure she was getting the feeding correct right from the start. Diane says:

'This was the first time I had had a pregnant mare and after using Saracen feeds for my competition pony, I decided to phone Saracen and get expert and knowledgeable advice on the best feed regime for her.'

As Daniek held her weight so well in the early stages of pregnancy she was fed Stamm 30 stud balancer alone to provide her with all the micronutrients she needed but without oversupplying calories. Once she entered her third trimester we introduced some Level-Grow Mix to provide her with a bit more energy (calories) as the foal starts to grow quickly at this stage. Level-Grow tends to suit mares that hold their weight well due to the lower starch levels compared to many other stud feeds. Diane continues:

'I was really nervous having a pregnant mare at home for the first time and feeding was a top concern to make sure I was giving my mare the correct nutrition. Rachel from Saracen gave me easy to follow feeding advice and was very helpful considering I phoned her a lot when I was becoming anxious. On the 21st of May my mare gave birth to a beautiful Johnson (Variant) X Negro colt who looked amazing from the moment he was born, even the vet commented on how powerful and healthy he looked. My mare and foal a month down the line still look fantastic, she is producing plenty of milk and he loves his Saracen feed.'

Below are some photos of Daniek, and her beautiful colt Koda. As you can see both Mum and foal are looking amazing!!



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