I was recommended Saracen Essential Balancer to reduce the magnesium intake and see if this made a difference to Billy’s and Del’s attitude, I am astounded by the results. There has been a huge difference with Billy, no spooking, never bucked in the 8 weeks since being fed this product, with a massive difference seen after 4 days. Now broken in and ridden at home and progressing well. Billy is now attentive and willing to please and also looks very well on the product. There has also been a huge difference in Del’s dressage work with his scores going up by 6%. The time taken to work him in has reduced by half the time with to an increased attention span from the outset, with less jogging and tension and a much more relaxed horse. Del as he is known at home has improved a lot and has qualified for BD Native Pony Dressage Champs, BD Scootish Dressage Champs and has 16/20 points for Regional Dressage and is just 5 years old and a Native Pony. I would never have thought a change in feed with less magnesium would make such a difference to him.

Del Testiomonal Del 2 Testimnonal

Images of Del taken by Dave Cameron Photography at the Scottish Dressage Champs.