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Canadian Oats

Top quality oats double re-cleaned, clipped and dust extracted


  • Top quality oats
  • Double re-cleaned, clipped and available whole or lightly bruised
  • Dust extracted
  • Pack size 20KG

Saracen Canadian Oats are carefully selected to meet a set nutritional specification. Saracen have been supplying leading racing yards across the UK from Epsom to Lambourn and Newmarket since the 1940's.

Canadian oats are highly digestible and naturally high in quick releasing carbohydrate making them the grain of choice for trainers and breeders. The oats are double recleaned and clipped for minimal dust and admixture, they are tested for the presence of E. coli pathogens and are available whole or lightly bruised.


  • Oats

The feeding rates are offered as a guideline. If you would like to discuss your horse's individual requirements, please contact a member of our nutrition team on 01622 718487 or call the Thoroughbred Office on 01488 73456.

Oats should be fed alongside a cereal balancer, such as Kentucky Balancer or Stamm 30, to ensure adequate intake of key minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Oats can be fed as needed to provide adequate energy for work and growth.

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