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Bone Mineralisation Support

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Per tub


  • Young horses in confinement, or on box rest due to injury
  • All box resting horses, regardless of age
  • Racehorses or foals and yearlings recuperating from orthopedic surgery


  • A special protein source for bone collagen production, supporting bone density and maintaining bone area
  • Helps maintain healthy bone metabolism, tissue, and structure in performance horses
  • Supports bone quality at high-risk times, such as when young horses enter race training
  • Supports bone health at times when bone can naturally demineralise - when limited or no turnout is available, including during box rest due to injury
  • Provides specialised postsurgical nutritional support

DuraPlex® is proven to support optimal bone mineral density and bone area in both performance horses and growing horses. DuraPlex® is a proprietary blend of specific proteins, minerals and vitamins scientifically proven to support bone health during the natural process of bone demineralisation. These occur when access to free-choice exercise is restricted, such as when young horses enter a training environment, or during periods of total confinement in stables when box resting due to injury, or as specialist post-surgical nutritional support. DuraPlex supplementation helps to lessen that loss.

Studies at Kentucky Equine Research demonstrated positive changes in bone quality after just one month of supplementation. DuraPlex® supplementation was also shown to maintain bone health at times of demineralisation, which can be a naturally occurring episode.


  • Dried Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Monosodium Phosphate
  • Magnesium Oxide


Ingredient Quantity
Calcium 10,000 mg per 120g
Phosphorus 5,000 mg per 120g
Magnesium 2,000 mg per 120g
Copper 60 mg per 120g
Zinc 120 mg per 120g
Manganese 100 mg per 120g
Vitamin A 5,000 iu per 120g
Vitamin D 4,000 iu per 120g

The feeding rates are offered as a guideline. If you would like to discuss your horse's individual requirements, please contact a member of our Nutrition Team on 01622 718487 or call the Thoroughbred Office on 01488 73456.

Feed Level of Support Required Frequency
60 g Optimal Bone Health Daily
120 g Additional Support Daily
For further information on feeding rates, please contact our Nutrition Team on 01622 718487

Top-dress on feed. For best results, divide evenly between feeds.

Average Serving size: 60 g (30 g scoop included)

Container size: 4 kg (66 servings)

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