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Improves Fibre Digestion

£18.95 £18.95
Per tub

Suitable For

  • Any horse or pony to help maintain normal digestive efficiency
  • Horses and ponies maintained on a predominately forage
    based ration
  • Lactating mares to help maintain optimum milk quality and
    immune transfer to suckling foals
  • Young Growing horses to support normal growth patterns
    and weight gain

Features and Benefits

  • Natural
  • Increased fibre digestion resulting in better feed utilization
  • Helps support a normal hindgut pH which minimizes hindgut dysfunction
  • Decreased lactic acid concentration in the hindgut to help maintain and optimise appetite and maintain normal feed
    intake patterns
  • Optimal diet utilization helping to maintain ideal body
    condition score


  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae (2.5 x 10^8 CFU/g)
  • Maize Meal
Feed Body weight Frequency
200 g 100 kg Per day
These feeding rates are intended as a guide only

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