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Introduction to the future of Thoroughbred Growth Monitoring

Gro-Trac® is the first equine growth-monitoring software that allows breeders to compare the growth rates of their stock with those of young horses of similar age, sex and breed from the same country, or from around the world.

Over the last 25 years, thoroughbred breeders internationally have been working with scientists at Kentucky Equine Research collecting growth data from their young thoroughbreds. Using the world’s largest set of growth records for peer group comparison, Gro-trac is a valuable management and communication tool between breeding farms, consultants and owners.

"Know how they grow with Gro-Trac - it gives a very clear indication of how a young horse is developing and adds a new dimension to young horse management."

GRO®-TRAC on the go

The original software was launched in the UK over 20 years ago, and now the new Gro-Trac®app, which is cloud-based, will be compatible with Windows or Apple computers, and iOS or Android devices.

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Browser-based, works on Windows or Apple computers

New commenting features & reports

Easily add multiple horses

  • Bodyweight
  • Height
  • Average Daily Gain (ADG)
  • Body Condition Score (BCS)
  • Height and Weight Percentiles
  • % Difference (from reference value)
  • Mare Weight and BCS

Customise graphs with your farm colours. Select from 1-9 or 0-5 BCS scale

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Mobile App:

Compatible with iOS or Android devices

  • Quickly enter weigh data on a tablet or your phone
  • Use offline mode when reception is unreliable
  • Use the camera on your device to easily add a photo to your entry
  • App automatically calculates and displays Average Daily Gain as you go

Data syncs with the cloud for up-to-date access anywhere

Saracen provides the KER Gro-Trac® programme as a free service to stud farm clients. For more information, please email

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Joe Pagan Newmarket

Joe D. Pagan, Ph.D.

President/Founder of Kentucky Equine Research

Dr. Pagan received his B.S.A. degree from the University of Arkansas in animal nutrition and received his M.S. and Ph.D degrees from Cornell University in equine nutrition and exercise physiology.

He formed Kentucky Equine Research in 1988 to be an international research, consulting and product development firm dealing in the areas of equine nutrition and sports medicine. Kentucky Equine Research served as equine nutrition consultants for the last six Olympic Games. Dr. Pagan received the 2005 American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) Award in Equine Nutrition Research. This award recognizes excellence in equine nutrition research and the contributions of an individual to equine feeding management practices and the equine feed industry.

“Kentucky Equine Research works with dozens of feed manufacturers worldwide to ensure that the latest findings in equine nutrition science are utilised in real-world feeding programmes. We have worked with Saracen Horse Feeds in the U.K. for over 20 years. Saracen is an excellent example of our partnership programme at its best – we collaborate on studies, bring expertise in formulation, and provide custom software and technical service for their excellent team of nutrition advisors. We are excited to showcase the science behind this programme through this series of thoroughbred growth forums.”
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