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Saracen Horse Feeds and Kentucky Equine Research have worked closely together for 20 years to combine the very latest nutritional research and development to ensure every feed formulation meets the requirement of the modern equine athlete at all stages of life, development, and activity. Kentucky Equine Research has one of the most prolific private equine research programmes in the world, doing their own research and collaborating with leading universities.

Research horses

Kentucky Equine Research was founded in 1988 when Dr. Joe D. Pagan, Ph.D., realised that the information generated from equine research was not reaching those who needed it most – feed manufacturers and horse owners. Since the company began, Kentucky Equine Research has made filling that void a priority by delivering timely information, proven products and practical technical advice. In 2005, Dr. Pagan received the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) Award in Equine Nutrition Research. This award recognises excellence in equine nutrition research and the contributions of an individual to equine feeding management practices and the equine feed industry.

From its headquarters in Central Kentucky, Kentucky Equine Research conducts extensive research, and each research trial is designed to improve the health and wellbeing of horses by targeting specific problems, and finding nutritional solutions. Kentucky Equine Research maintains a herd of approximately 40 horses between its 150-acre research farm in Central Kentucky and their facilities in Ocala, Florida. These trained and experienced research animals are their most valuable employees, and are cared for by a large staff as they get involved in exercise studies and digestibility and palatability trials.

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Saracen is the exclusive Kentucky Equine Research Brand Partner in the UK, joining an international network of horse feed manufacturers devoted to the advancement of equine nutrition. Kentucky Equine Research provides these manufacturers with a comprehensive consultation programme tailored to fit the manufacturer’s individual needs, and the scientific knowledge, technology and credibility necessary for them to produce competitive, cutting-edge feeds. Their nutritionists work with feed companies on six continents to formulate top-quality feeds that complement typical local forages. These feeds contain custom blends of KER micronutrient premixes to ensure that, when fed with appropriate forage and according to label directions, they will provide a diet balanced to Kentucky Equine Research specifications.

Research Farm
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In 2018, Kentucky Equine Research celebrated 30 years of equine research.

A conference was held in Lexington and experts spoke on topics such as colic, equine metabolic syndrome, energetics, bone and joint disease and much more. Follow this link to the 2018 Proceedings where you will find reader-friendly Q&A’s as well as a research archive reviewing the past 30 years of studies performed by Kentucky Equine Research and their technical staff.

Kentucky Equine Research has served as equine nutrition consultants for the last six Olympic Games, including London 2012, one of the most successful Olympic Games ever staged.

KER 30 yrs
In 2018, Kentucky Equine Research celebrated 30 years of equine research
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Kentucky Equine Research has served as equine nutrition consultants for the last six Olympic Games

Kentucky Equine Research is known internationally as World Leaders in Equine Nutrition - by using science and technical knowledge, they have created the gold standard for innovation in equine nutrition and exercise physiology research. By working so closely with Kentucky Equine Research, we share their aims and objectives, and because of our close links, we can make these resources available in the UK.

On a daily basis, Kentucky Equine Research betters the lives of horses worldwide.

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