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Environmental Policy


The Saracen team recognise that our actions have an impact on the environment and we seek to reduce our environmental impact as much as we can.


As much as possible of the raw materials used are sourced from local farms; this significantly reduces the “Food Miles” on these raw materials and helps the local rural economy who are often our customers as well as our suppliers.


Energy usage is monitored in terms of cost per tonne and Kwh per tonne. Saracen Horse feeds belong to the Climate Change Levy Discount Scheme and are committed to reducing energy costs per tonne of production.

Sub-metering is used within the production area to monitor power consumption. Daily energy consumption reports are reviewed to ensure no unnecessary energy has been used. Heat from our processes is recycled in the manufacturing process to reduce our energy requirement, and in winter to warm our production area.


Saracen Horse Feed Ltd. Vehicles (lorries and cars) are purchased giving consideration to fuel economy and CO2 emissions, thereby reducing the amount of greenhouse gas our fleet emits.
Monitoring the efficiency of all feed delivery routing and car journeys is an important part of vehicle management, to ensure unnecessary miles are not driven.

When organising delivery schedules, emphasis is placed on utilizing all the available capacity of our vehicles to ensure the times when vehicles operate empty are minimised.


Waste, cardboard and plastic are separated from other waste on-site and recycled. Organic material that is not suitable for reprocessing (such as cereal cleanings that we remove from our products to ensure only the best ingredients are used in our feeds) is composted.

Saracen Horse Feeds Ltd. are a member of the “Valpak” scheme to ensure our waste recycling obligations are met. We review our feed packaging specification to ensure that no additional packing material is used other than that which is necessary to ensure we deliver our products in top condition.


As new buildings are constructed, maximum insulation is used to reduce energy consumption, and emphasis given to making maximum use of available natural light to reduce the need for additional lighting, and provide a more pleasant workplace.