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Understanding Ulcers

A Guide to Digestive Health

Understanding Ulcers

Clinical Signs

Understanding Ulcers

Nutritional Mangement

Understanding Ulcers

Finding the right feed

Understanding Equine Gastric Ulcers

The make-up of the diet and feeding practices can have a significant impact on the digestive health of horses and Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) is just one of the common problems that can occur due to inappropriate feed and feed management.

If EGUS has been diagnosed it is important that we encourage owners to review the way in which they feed and manage their horses diet by breaking down the nutritional risk factors and then explaining the practical management strategies that can be implemented to help keep their horses healthy.

Here at Saracen Horse Feeds we work closely with other experts in nutrition, research and veterinary science so that we can continue to strive to provide our clients not just with research-proven products to help manage and support horses with EGUS, but to also understand and communicate important management strategies that can make a real difference to not just these horses but in general.

Watch our exclusive seminar as part of our 20th Anniversary celebrating our partnership with Kentucky Equine Research. Our senior nutritionist Lizzie Drury is joined by industry experts Dr. Peter Huntington, Eamon Smyth, Jack Ashby, and Katie Powell from Nodwood House Equine to discuss the latest developments.

Our EGUS range of feeds have been formulated based on research and evidence in association with Kentucky Equine Research which also meets the nutritional criteria for the BETA EGUS recognition. Our range of EGUS approved feeds when fed in conjunction with other feed and management strategies can help to reduce the risk of EGUS and help to maintain normal digestive function.

Our fully qualified team of Equine Nutritionists and Area Nutrition Advisers understand some of the challenges that can be presented when trying to manage these types of horses and they are available and on hand to help make the journey easier for you, so that you have the peace of mind and can enjoy your time with your horse.