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Feed for the future

With a firm focus on the future, we see it as our responsibility to do everything we can today to reduce the impact on the environment and plan for a better tomorrow.

We have been focusing on five key areas to improve our environmental input through the ingredients that we use within our feeds, the energy which powers our production site, our waste management systems, lighting and packaging. This list is not exhaustive, and we are still striving to be better at what we do, whilst putting the planet first.

Locally Sourced

Locally sourced ingredients

Sourcing our raw materials locally has always been a key factor when purchasing ingredients for our products. 70% of our UK materials being used in production are sourced close to the mill in the South East of England.

Renewable energy

100% renewable energy

The energy supply that we use on our site comes from 100% renewable sources and is supplied by a company that has a zero emissions rating for renewable energy. Most of the energy supply comes from wind, with the rest generated via solar, hydro and biomass sources.

LED lighting

LED lights

Our mill and warehouses are lit by LED lighting. This type of lighting uses 75% less energy and the bulbs last 25 times longer than incandescent ones. We also have a high inclusion of light panels in the roofs of our warehouses, which lets in more natural light so that we can rely less on artificial lighting. All our lighting, both outside and in the office, is sensor based, meaning that we only use lights when needed.

Sustainability Pledge

Waste management

For nearly a decade, we have used a waste management contractor with a zero-to-landfill policy. Any mill waste, i.e. feed ingredients, is turned into compost, our pallet wrapping and straps are recycled, and we even refurbish pallets so that they can be used over again. We also participate in a packaging compliance scheme, which ensures that any packaging we send to consumers with our products conforms to waste packaging regulations.

Recycled Packaging

Recycled packaging

Paper sacks are commonplace in the equestrian feed industry, however, in 2014, we chose to use a packaging supplier that shared our passion for the environment. Our sacks are manufactured in a facility that is powered by their own on-site solar panels and the materials that we use in our bags are 100% recyclable, including the oil resistant liners which some of our sacks have. Our aim is to make all our product packaging recyclable, we have even changed our carrier bags from plastic to paper and anything sent out of the office to customers is sent in our recycled cardboard mailers.

Our plan is to keep developing on the practices that we have in place ensuring our raw materials are sourced as sustainably as possible, improving the efficiency of our mill, warehouse and transport and making sure that our packaging is the least damaging to the environment as possible. We are aiming to lead the way to ensure that our customers can easily make the right choice when it comes to supporting the environment for a more sustainable future.