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Meet Our Team of Thoroughbred Specialists

Saracen Horse Feeds’ range of specialist thoroughbred feeds has been developed through exclusive partnerships with Hallway Feeds and Kentucky Equine Research, both based in Lexington, Kentucky, since April 2000. Together, we are dedicated to the thoroughbred industry internationally, and our team can offer scientific help, technical support and practical guidance anytime it is needed.

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Thoroughbred Specialists

Polly Bonnor

Director of Thoroughbred Nutrition

Catherine Rudenko BSC, PGCert, RNUTR

Technical Nutrition Consultant, Registered Nutritionist

Robert Hogg

Thoroughbred Specialist

Daniela Nowara

Independent European Thoroughbred Consultant


Thoroughbred Specialist - Newmarket


We are extremely fortunate to have worked in partnership with these talented and highly accomplished professionals for well over 20 years, all of whom are truly gifted and recognised experts in their chosen field. They have each been instrumental in helping us to develop our specialist Thoroughbred business, and this collaboration has added significant expertise, credibility and genuine differentiation to our own operation and the resources we are able to offer.

Dr. Joe D. Pagan, Ph.D.

President/Founder of Kentucky Equine Research

Lee C. Hall

Vice President at Hallway Feeds 

Anthony H. Koch

Director of Sales & Marketing at Hallway Feeds 

Eileen Phethean

Chief Operating Officer at Kentucky Equine Research

Mike Lennox

Director of Operations at Kentucky Equine Research

Peter Huntington, B.V.Sc., M.A.C.V.Sc

Director of Nutrition (Australia) at Kentucky Equine Research

Customer Care

Sarah Smalley

Customer Care

Lucy Woods

Nutritional Support