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Breeding services

Saracen Horse Feeds’ range of specialist thoroughbred breeding feeds has been developed through an exclusive partnership with Hallway Feeds, based in Lexington, Kentucky, since April 2000. Their remarkable record of success over the last 30 years means that they have fuelled 15 Kentucky Derby winners in the last 26 runnings of the race, numerous Breeders’ Cup Champions, copious Eclipse Award winners and the two recent Triple Crown heroes, American Pharoah and Justify. Between us, we feed many of the top racehorses in the UK, EU and USA, as well as some of the most prestigious stallions, broodmares and youngstock on farms throughout Great Britain, Europe and Central Kentucky.

Both Saracen Horse Feeds and Hallway Feeds are Brand Partners with Kentucky Equine Research, World Leaders in Equine Research and Nutrition with research centres in Lexington, Kentucky and Ocala, Florida. Kentucky Equine Research is the most prolific independent equine researcher in the world, entirely committed to the advancement of athletic performance through nutrition. Kentucky Equine Research provides us both with a comprehensive consultation programme tailored to fit our individual needs, and the scientific knowledge, back-up and credibility necessary for us to produce competitive, cutting-edge feeds at our own feed mill in the UK for European breeders.

Together, we are dedicated to thoroughbred breeding, and we can offer highly technical expertise and ground-breaking science and technology alongside the quality ingredients and novel sources of nutrients found in our specialist breeding feeds.

We are very lucky to work with breeders who have achieved domestic and international success at the highest level over the last 25 years, and our services can be tailored, as required, to suit the needs of your breeding farm.

Here are some of the services we make available as part of your support network -

A Full Nutritional Review

  • The analysis of feeds, forages and supplements currently in use at the stud for nutritional contribution, breeding related benefits and cost of feeding across a season by our own team of Registered Nutritionists, with the backing of our research partners at Kentucky Equine Research and the use of KER's Microsteed programme
  • Specific advice for targeted nutrition for horses with individual requirements including issues with fertility, poor milk quality, developmental orthopaedic disorders, digestive health disorders and general poor performance
  • Tailored feeding plans for stallions and broodmares in the breeding season, and for youngstock as they grow and develop
  • Tailored feeding programmes for foals and yearlings during the sales prepping season

Seasonal Support

  • Regular contact and on-going support on a case by case basis for horses throughout the season, as needs arise (stallions, broodmares and all youngstock)
  • The full use of Gro-Trac, KER’s growth monitoring software, for youngstock from birth through to yearling sale or pretraining
  • Analysis of forages (dried forages and fresh grass)

Ongoing Support

  • A dedicated Thoroughbred office to personally organise your orders and deliveries
  • We can arrange for deeper interpretation of the data for your horses, and produce appropriate Gro-trac reports for you and your boarding clients using percentiles, looking at each individual foal, by their paddock groups and by gender
  • Appropriate feed can be arranged for shuttling stallions
  • Direct access to the current scientific research carried out by the technical staff at Kentucky Equine Research's facilities in Kentucky and Florida

Our team is here to offer scientific help, technical support and practical guidance any time it is needed.