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Race 13


Antioxidant Support

Includes a potent source of natural Vitamin E

Perfectly Balanced

fortified with Saracen Stamm 30®supplement

Nutrient Digestibility

Includes KER's BMC™ and Vistacell Live Yeast

Power & Stamina

Using a variety of different energy sources

Racing range

Saracen Horse Feeds' range of specialist thoroughbred feeds has been developed through an exclusive equine nutrition partnership with Hallway Feeds, based in Lexington, Kentucky, since 2000. Hallway Feeds is the Official Feed Supplier to the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.

Both Saracen Horse Feeds and Hallway Feeds are Brand Partners with Kentucky Equine Research (KER). KER is the most prolific independent equine research centre in the world, entirely committed to the advancement of breeding and athletic performance through nutrition.

Recoup 11

Low protein, lower energy mix

Recoup Cubes

Low starch, low protein cubes

Race 13®

Internationally Available, High-Energy Mix for High Performance Nutrition

Racing Prep 14

Highly palatable, high energy racing mix for conditioning

Racehorse Cubes

Multi-purpose Racing Cubes for horses in full training

Racefit Cubes

Lower starch, higher fibre Racing Cubes for energy efficiency

Re-Spond Cubes

Low starch, high oil cube

Re-Leve®- Mix

Re-Leve®-Mix Cereal-free, low starch racing mix

Kentucky Balancer

High Spec Concentrated Oat Balancer Mix


High oil rice bran supplement for extra energy density


A combined rice bran & linseed conditioning supplement with extra fortification

Top Coat™

High Oil Conditioning Pellet

Re-Vive Mash

Quick soaking, fully fortified mash for strategic rehydration and recovery