With a firm focus on the future, we at Saracen Horse Feeds are taking Sustainability seriously. We see it as our responsibility to do everything we can today to reduce the impact on the environment and plan for a better tomorrow.  We have been focussing on 5 key areas to improve our environmental input through the ingredients that we use within our feeds, the energy which powers our production site, our waste management systems, lighting and packaging. This list is not exhaustive and we are still striving to be better at what we do whilst putting the planet first.



Our focus for the future is to keep improving on what we are currently doing, ensuring our raw materials are sourced as sustainably as possible, improving the efficiency of our mill, warehouse and transport and making sure that our packaging is as least damaging to the environment as possible. We are aiming to lead the way to ensure that our customers can easily make the right choice when it comes to supporting the environment for a more sustainable future ♻