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Total Digestive Tract Health Supplement

£131.00 £131.00
Per tub


  • Loose droppings
  • Poor coat
  • Weight loss or loss/lack of appetite
  • Abnormal digestive sounds
  • Difficult or unsettled behaviour
  • Mild or grumbly colic
  • Use during erratic or interrupted suckling patterns in foals


  • Contains EquiShure®, a time-released buffer for the hindgut
  • A granular powder that contains fast-acting antacids and coating agents
  • Supports a healthy digestive environment for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Recommended for use during training, travelling, weaning, sales prep or other stressful events

RiteTrac is a scientifically proven supplement for total digestive tract support. Targeted at both the foregut and the hindgut of the horse, RiteTrac works in two distinct ways. When fed in conjunction with correct management and forage regimes, RiteTrac helps to maintain an optimal gastric environment by neutralising and buffering excess acid. RiteTrac also contains EquiShure®, to help maintain an optimum pH in the horse’s hindgut and ensure normal fermentation patterns.

RiteTrac is proven to be effective at elevating gastric pH in horses, together with KERx EquiShure®, a time-released hindgut buffer that helps to maintain hindgut pH at optimal levels. RiteTrac is recommended for use during training and travelling, or at any time when feeding patterns have changed or could be compromised. It is also recommended as a digestive tract support for horses on chronic administration of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

When RiteTrac is included in a meal, normal gastric pH is maintained for up to 6-8 hours allowing the horse to eat normally and feel comfortable.


  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Mono-sodium phosphate
  • Aluminum Sodium Carbonate
  • Aluminum Phosphate
  • Lecithin
  • Vegetable Oil


Ingredient Quantity
Calcium 3.7%
Sodium 10.8%
Phosphorus 3.7%
Magnesium <0.1%
Chloride <0.1%
Ash 50%

The feeding rates are offered as a guideline. If you would like to discuss your horse's individual requirements, please contact a member of our Nutrition Team on 01622 718487 or call the Thoroughbred Office on 01488 73456.

Feed Horse Type Frequency
120 g Yearlings, mares and stallions Daily
60 g Foals and weanlings Daily

For best results, split between 2 feeds, am and pm.

Average Serving Size: 120 g (60 g scoop included)

Containers sizes: 3 kg (25 servings) 6 kg (50 servings)

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