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Bone and digestive health support

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Per tub


  • Young growing horses
  • Horses in intense training
  • Horses needing digestive support


  • Contains a novel source of calcium, shown to be more highly digestible than other forms of the mineral, including calcium carbonate
  • Provides a research-proven stomach buffer, which reduces acidity and decreases the likelihood of gastric ulcer formation
  • Includes yeast for further hindgut support and improved fibre digestion
  • Helps increase bone density in young, growing horses and athletic horses, which is especially important for horses involved in intense training such as racehorses
  • Includes an array of other bone-building nutrients, including magnesium, boron, silicone, iodine, zinc, and manganese, as well as vitamins A, C, D, and K, which are important for bone health
  • Supports the beneficial microorganism population of the caecum and colon by minimising the acidity of the hindgut
  • Delivers a highly digestible source of minerals and vitamins in an easy-to-feed pellet

Triacton® is a triple-action supplement designed to maximise bone density and support digestive health in horses. The pelleted supplement contains significant levels of highly bioavailable minerals and vitamins essential for sound skeletal development and maintenance, as well as optimal function of the digestive tract.

Studies conducted at Kentucky Equine Research have demonstrated the positive effects Triacton has on bone density and buffering capacity of the stomach and hindgut. The supplement contains a novel source of calcium, shown to be more highly digestible than other forms of the mineral, including calcium carbonate.

Triacton supports health in three research-proven ways: by maximising bone density for skeletal strength, buffering stomach acid to support gastric health and reduce the incidence of ulcers, and by moderating and maintaining the pH of the hindgut to prevent acidosis.


Ingredient Quantity
Protein 14% - 16.0 g per 120 g
Fat 3.0% - 3.6 g per 120 g
Fibre 4.0% - 4.8 g per 120 g
Calcium 13.0% - 15.6 g per 120 g
Phosphorus 2.55% - 3.0 g per 120 g
Magnesium 4.0% - 4.8 g per 120 g
Copper 335 ppm - 4.0 mg per 120 g
Manganese 545 ppm - 65.0 mg per 120 g
Zinc 685 ppm - 82 mg per 120 g
Vitamin A 14,755 iu/Ib - 3,900 iu per 120 g
Vitamin D 11,000 iu/Ib - 2,900 iu per 120 g
Vitamin C 3,800 mg/Ib - 1,000 mg per 120 g
Vitamin K 105mg/Ib - 27.5 mg per 120 g

The feeding rates are offered as a guideline. If you would like to discuss your horse's individual requirements, please contact a member of our Nutrition Team on 01622 718487 or call the Thoroughbred Office on 01488 73456.

Feed Horse Type Frequency
120 g Mature Horse Daily
60-120 g Growing Horse Daily
For more information on feeding rates, please contact the Nutrition Team on 01622 718487

For best results, feed twice a day, am and pm.

Average Serving Size: 120 g (60 g scoop included)

Container sizes: 5 kg (41 servings) 12 kg (100 servings).

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