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Crushed Oats

Top quality crushed oats

Features & Benefits:

  • Produced at our UFAS accredited mill
  • A top quality oat
  • Double re-cleaned and clipped for minimal dust and admixture
  • Dust extracted – a cleaner oat means less harmful dust and allergens for horse and user
  • Bright and plump grains
  • Pack size 20KG

Saracen CRUSHED OATS are carefully selected from growers to meet a set nutritional specification. CRUSHED OATS are highly digestible and naturally high in quick releasing carbohydrates making them the grain of choice for trainers and breeders.


  • Oats

Oats should be fed alongside a balancer to ensure adequate intake of minerals, vitamins and key amino acids. Oats can be fed as needed to provide adequate energy for work and growth.

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