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Kentucky Equine Research Celebrates 30 Years Of Equine Research 1988 - 2018


In 2018, Kentucky Equine Research celebrated 30 years of equine research. A conference was held in Lexington and experts spoke on topics such as colic, equine metabolic syndrome, energetics, bone and joint disease and much more. Follow this link to the 2018 Proceedings where you will find reader-friendly Q&A’s as well as a research archive reviewing the past 30 years of studies performed by Kentucky Equine Research and their technical staff.

Kentucky Equine Research betters the lives of horses worldwide; by using science and technical knowledge, they have created the gold standard for innovation in equine nutrition and exercise physiology research, and are known internationally as World Leaders. By working so closely with Kentucky Equine Research, we share their aims and objectives, and because of our close links, we can make these resources available in the UK.

KER 30 yrs