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World-Class Research From Kentucky Equine Research Into A Novel And Superior Calcium Source


Kentucky Equine Research have worked on some new micronutrient studies, which brought some new and very compelling information.

Their research studies help us to improve and update our formulations with custom blends of micronutrients to deliver the optimal amount and proper balance of critical vitamins and minerals to support overall health, breeding, growth, and athletic performance.

The studies they conducted involved a novel and superior source of calcium shown to be more highly digestible than other forms of the mineral, including calcium carbonate. This source can maximise bone density, and subsequent skeletal strength and maintenance. The new ingredients, called BMC™(Buffered Mineral Complex), are research proven to support digestive health and hindgut stability by maintaining the correct pH for optimal efficiency of the gastrointestinal tract.

Recent research studies conducted by Kentucky Equine Research have demonstrated the positive effects that BMC has on bone turnover and density. Bone development is a necessary process to maintain a healthy skeleton as this increases the opportunity to repair damaged bone before a clinical problem occurs.

BMC also has a significant effect on the buffering capacity of the stomach and hindgut. Several key minerals that are highly digestible in BMC (particularly calcium, magnesium, boron, silicone, iodine, zinc, and manganese) have a slow release mechanism and as they are bioavailable, the body can absorb them much more easily. In an acid environment, this material breaks down slowly so it can neutralize meaningful amounts of excess acid over a longer period of time. After 6-8 hours at pH 5.5, 100% of calcium and 98.66% of magnesium has been released.

We are keen to use new information to its best effect and as we can incorporate this blend of new ingredients into our feeds, we made these improvements in March 2018.
The updated formulations contain the new calcium source (replacing the previous one) combined with all of the key minerals (many are naturally occurring) and Vitamins A, C, D and K.

Saracen Feeds that contain BMC™:

  • Stamm 30®
  • Level-Grow Mix™
  • Level-Grow Cubes™
  • Mare-Care Mix
  • Mare-Care Cubes
  • Stud Prep 14
  • Stud Cubes
  • Stud Mix
  • Stallion Plan
  • Re-Leve®-Mix
  • Recoup 11
  • Recoup Cubes
  • Racehorse Cubes
  • Race 13®
  • Racefit Cubes
  • Racing Prep 14
  • Kentucky Balancer

A pelleted supplement reflecting the same research studies from KER Special Needs Nutrition is available in the UK. KER's Triacton, a triple-action supplement, is designed to maximise bone density and to support optimal and efficient function of the gastrointestinal tract.