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Microsteed analyses the nutrient contribution from all feeds, roughages and supplements against set nutrient requirements.

This example shows a weanling fed on 750 g of Stamm 30 balancer during the autumn months on good pasture, and highlights the importance of ensuring adequate mineral intake. Microsteed provides easy-to-read reports that clearly identify the needs of weanlings and the contribution pasture makes during this important period of life.

Microsteed for weanlings and yearlings is often used in conjunction with Gro-Trac, the KER growth monitoring programme, to ensure a steady and correct growth rate.

Daily Intake of nutrients


Pasture contribution will naturally vary through seasonal changes and also changes in the daily intake of the weanling. Provision of over 100% of key minerals and vitamins ensures that pasture intake changes do not effect the overall daily intake. Through use of Microsteed, it is possible to analyse requirement against intake, in particular highlighting the need for supplementary minerals such as copper, selenium and zinc that pasture cannot provide in adequate quantity.

Optimum nutrient range


All nutrients have an optimum range for intake which Microsteed analyses and conveys in easy-to-read charts. Any deficit or excess intake will be discussed with you by a member of the Saracen Thoroughbred Team.

Mineral ratios


In addition to considering total daily intake, Microsteed will also consider the balance of key minerals in the total diet including calcium, phosphorus, zinc and copper. The balance of minerals influences absorption and also activity within the body.

Energy Contribution


Once nutrient intake and balance is considered, Microsteed also assesses the contribution nutrients make toward energy requirements. Energy intake directly relates to growth rate and the balance of energy provided can be influential when managing growth related disorders.