• All horses and ponies requiring a low calorie, balanced ration
  • To be fed alongside other compound feeds or to balance forage only rations


  • Low feeding rate for all round balanced and cost-effective nutrition
  • Low in sugar and starch so suitable for 'good-doers'
  • Barley free
  • Non-heating formulation for a manageable temperament
  • Contains quality sources of protein for maintaining muscle tone and topline
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for coat condition, joint health and mobility
  • Contains a healthy hoof package with calcium, chelated zinc and copper, essential amino acids lysine and methionine and the recommended amount of Biotin
  • Full inclusion of a yeast culture to support optimum forage digestion and hindgut health


+1 #2 Sam Warner 2014-09-17 12:53
I started my pony on Essential Balancer earlier in the year when she was diagnosed with Cushings. Over the winter she had Super Fibre Pencils but she is prone to weight gain in the summer so I did not want to add extra calories to the diet. I wanted to feed something to support the cushings and reduce the risk of laminitis whilst keeping her weight down, especially as I have been unable to ride over the summer. Essential Balancer has definitely done this. She has maintained her weight and condition perfectly and has a lovely summer coat, with gorgeous dapples.
+1 #1 ingrid smyth 2014-08-16 13:17
I have been feeding essential balancer to my four horse this summer. It has suited all of them and they really enjoy it. There needs are very different for their work loads but it has helped insure their mineral and energy needs are fully meet. So whether they are working hard or just on filed rest after injury I can be happy knowing their getting just what they need and the waist lines are keep trim.

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