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Per bottle


  • Competition Horses and Racehorses
  • Broodmares and Stallions
  • Foals and Youngstock
  • Horses recovering from illness or injury


  • Natural source of vitamin E with proven increased bioavailability
  • Rapidly available allowing timed administration to provide peak antioxidant protection
  • Low dose rate provides a high intake of natural vitamin E and can easily be syringed if needed

Studies by Kentucky Equine Research have shown that the form and source of vitamin E make a difference to horses. Nano-E® is a novel natural vitamin E source that benefits all horses with a rapid absorption rate and increased bioavailability.

Using Nano-E® has many benefits. For broodmares additional vitamin E in the last 30 days of pregnancy improves both her vitamin E status and that of her foal. Colostrum quality is also improved with higher antibody levels found when supplemented.

Broodmare fertility is also a consideration for additional vitamin E, particularly for mares covered early in the season where pasture contribution of natural E will be low. This is particularly important for mares with reduced uterine defence mechanisms and may also be of benefit to mares with a history of placental dysfunction.

Stallion fertility also benefits from specific supplementation of vitamin E. Both libido and sperm quality have been linked with vitamin E. Use of Nano-E® during the covering season is recommended for all stallions, in particular those with fertility related concerns such as low sperm motility.

For competition horses and racehorses Nano-E® is recommended for using during periods of increased training or stress, and can be used to preload the body prior to competition or racing. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant with well documented benefits to muscle function and reduction of damage to muscle tissue.


Ingredient Quantity
Natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) 250 iu/ml
Feed Frequency
4 to 8ml (1000 to 2000 iu) as maintenance for stabled horses or those on poor pasture Per Day
12ml (3000 iu) for horses in training, lactating mares, stallions and new born foals Per Day
12 to 20ml (3000 to 5000 iu) preloading prior to competition or racing Per Day

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