Calorie controlled low intake ration

                                   **New packaging**


  • Good-Doers in work 
  • Native breeds as part of a weight management program 
  • Fussy feeders
  • Horses and ponies that may have an increased risk of metabolic issues 


  • High in digestible "Super-Fibres"
  • Low in Starch (7.5%) and sugar (7%)
  • Recommended intake of biotin to support hoof and horn quality
  • Contains cinnamon for palatability and antioxidant support 
  • Provides a source of Omega-3 fatty acids to aid in maintaining joint health and mobility
  • Contains Acid-Buf for digestive health 
  • Includes a mycotoxin binder for "mopping up" free radicals and supporting optimum health and immune function
  • Contains Magnesium for cell sensitivity 


0 #11 Annabelle Derham 2017-05-22 14:51
Just to keep you updated and say thank you for your feed advice. Dylan is loving shapeup! He now eats his tea first before going to his treatball which he never did before! He looks loads better his winter cost is coming out better and his summer coat is soft and hes starting to get a nice shine. He's lost a little bit more weight and looks brilliant. He has just the right amount of energy and since taking him off fibre nuts and giving him shape up he has stopped being half as spooky and I think he finds it easier to keep his mind and focus on the [censored] being asked. He's also a lot more settled on the ground which is great as he's such a nervy horse!!
+1 #10 Sara Wing 2017-04-21 08:56
I have inherited a holstein x riding pony recently. He was tested positive for EMS, and had previous bouts of laminitis, very difficult to feed having metformin added twice daily to his rations, started feeding shape up, and I now have one happy medicated slimmer horse. Thank you Saracen.
+1 #9 Angie Jones-Moore 2017-02-27 12:22
I have a veteran TB with Cushings, medicated and well. However, in the depth of winter he often goes off his feed a little. I paid a visit to Nicky in Wadswick, she recommended I introduce a little Shape Up. It's safe for him with very little sugar, suitable for laminitics therefore also suitable for Bas. The Shape Up is a great feed, it has texture to it so makes a sugar free diet more interesting and also it clearly has some flavour too. Bas loves it, I add a small amount to his feed to add something different. I think I will stick with Shape Up now I have found it. It's great to find a low calorie feed that is more than just dust in a bag! Thanks Saracen!
0 #8 Nicola Emmett 2017-01-25 14:40
My horses are doing amazing on Shape-Up. They are looking fantastic with a lovely shine to their coat. I have had to buy a new girth for one of them as it has reduced by 4"! Thank you for your advice it is definitely working.
+4 #7 Julie Archer 2015-11-16 16:21
My Welsh D x TB is an extremely 'good doer', he keeps his weight really well, yet he can gain really quickly. Shape Up is AMAZING he has lost his excess weight, got more energy, not as fizzy to take to the field, loads happier with himself!! and loves the feed. The help and personlised advice given by Saracen has been fantastic. The advice is continual as well and not a one off. Thank you SARACEN
+2 #6 Katharine Mieras 2015-06-23 15:24
My horse, Gus, has been on Shape-Up for just over a month. I am absolutely delighted with how he's looking. He is looking really fit and healthy and has lost that little bit of excess weight I was concerned about. His energy levels are great, he feels really happy with himself. My main concern coming off the oats would be that we wouldn't have sufficient energy for eventing, given that Gus is a naturally lazy horse, but my fears have been unfounded. Two weekends ago we went out to our first BE90 of the year - having done a BE80 in April (after which he had time off) and he finished full of running. To my delight we won, completing on our dressage score of 24.5. So thank you so much for all your help, I am really pleased with the Shape Up!
0 #5 Sam Colby 2014-11-13 15:52
I started feeding my orange cob on Shape-Up in July and I am over the moon with the results! He is a real fatty but on Shape-Up he has lost the extra weight, has an amazing coat and is so much happier in himself. He also has his sparkle back. I am so happy with Saracen and their amazing product. Thank you so much
0 #4 Jane 2014-10-28 18:32
My 10yr old gypsy cob came to me 2 years ago extremely overweight, the first year was my way of cutting her down as in limiting turn out and in control of what she ate, but although she lost weight and I increased her exercise, her condition was not as I wanted it to be and at the beginning of this year she was lame for 3 months,so no exercise and no weight lose and not a satisfied pony, after speaking to the Saracen team at a show, they recommended "shape up" I have been feeding it just one month and my mare who is usually a fussy eater enjoys it and she seams satisfied and no more weight gain, its easy to feed you know where you are with it no mixing different feeds to get the right balance and you know you are feeding the right amount, the staff at Saracen are so helpful, now after liaising with them over email and giving the details of my younger mare I have got them both on the shape up as its for good doers. great feed no fuss and all your horse needs its so much easier.
+3 #3 Jo Dixon 2014-08-15 16:11
My then 15 year old warmblood cross mare tied up so much so that her enzymes levels took months to return to normal. I had always thought that she would go no further than elementary in dressage because of her type. My vet suggested that she had PSSM and recommended me speaking to Saracens! I have never looked back! My mare has been on Shape-Up sometimes with extra Stamm 30 to boost energy levels. She has completely changed shape, never tied up since, has nice bouncy muscles now, has improved suppleness and athleticism. I cant believe it! Its like riding a different horse, she qualified for medium at regionals, was selected for the south west Inter regional team and has learned her changes and is ready to debut at advanced medium. I now feed all my horses on Saracen products, their reps were so knowledgeable - knew all about PSSM and how to feed for it! Thank you Saracen - you changed my horses life!
+2 #2 Anna, Scotland 2013-09-19 17:21
My daughter's pony suffers from Cushings and lacked energy as well as being a fussy eater. Since starting her on Shape-Up she has been much brighter and performing really well. Thank you Saracen for all your advice!
+1 #1 Kerry Keightley 2013-07-31 10:40
My 16hh Waemblood cross is such a 'good doer' that I have struggled to keep him at a healthy weight for any period of time including over the winter! Since starting him on Shape-Up and carefully following the advice of my local Saracen Nutritionalist, he has lost his excess weight and remained at a constant healthy weight for months now. He has more energy and his fitness level is higher. He looks fantastic and has a shine to his coat that he didn't have before. Feeding Shape-Up has allowed me to feel confident that my horse's nutritional needs are being met while feeding a smaller ration in accordance with the advice from the Nutritionalist.

Thank You Saracen!

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