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  • Adding concentrated calories to a ration without excessive cereal intake
  • Conditioning all types of horses and ponies, particularly "poor-doers", veterans, and horses with limited appetites
  • Providing sustained, slow release energy for competition horses
  • Preparing horses for the show & sales ring


  • Extremely palatable, easy and convenient to use
  • Highly digestible and efficiently utilised
  • Contains "Super-fibres" for long lasting, controlled energy release
  • Adds calories to any ration without excessive cereal intake
  • Low starch levels which will help avoid the behavioural & metabolic problems associated with feeding high cereal diets
  • Supplies a highly palatable and digestible form of oil for outstanding coat gloss & skin condition


0 #11 Angie 2018-10-18 11:25
I have just ordered my second bag of Equi-jewel. After the hot summer my veteran TB was not as well covered as I would have liked going into the winter months. I didn't see any instant results but after a 20 kg bag I can see he is shiner than usual and his stamina seems to have picked up too. Bas has certainly gained a little weight which we are turning into muscles :-). The best thing about this feed for me is the small quantity. No matter what Bas will only eat a small feed, so quality over quantity is always best for us. It's a super feed and he loves it.
0 #10 Felicity Vaughan 2016-02-19 21:13
Great producer, my 19 year old dropped a lot of weight over the winter. Within 10 days of using Equi-Jewel, you could see the difference! Would definitely recommend it!
+1 #9 tamsin.quinn 2014-11-29 12:53
My 14 year old 3/4 TB was diagnosed with PPID 2 years ago and keeping weight on her in the winter has proved difficult but since she has been on Equi-jewel her weight has stabilised and she has regained her endurance so I am able to get aand keep her very fit and looking well.The vet is very pleased with her condition.
+1 #8 Tracey Jordan 2014-08-15 19:14
Ever since my dressage horse was diagnosed with ulcers and I sought the advise of Saracens he got stronger and healthy as the months have passed. The introduction of Equi Jewel into his feeding regime had the most profound affect on him. Putting more weight on him in the shortest amount of time but in a safe and controlled way. He regained his spark without losing his sanity. I recommend to all my friends the Equi Jewel Releve combination. I can't thank Saracens enough for giving me my beloved horse back, I've now got all 12 of my horses of Saracen feed and I wouldn't dream of feeding them anything else.
0 #7 Ingrid Pitkanen 2014-08-13 11:01
Vets in Newmarket recommended I feed stabilised rice bran to my horse after he was diagnosed with low grade stomach ulcers. I found EquiJewel and added it to Re-leve. Together they have made an amazing difference to my Thoroughbred horse, who can drop weight in the winter. This year many have commented on his excellent, shiny condition It also keeps him calm even if he is not ridden regularly and when I need a bit more ooomph, I increase the Re-Leve portion of his feed. So good others on the yard have started using it.
+3 #6 Tracy Caldwell 2014-08-11 10:32
During times of stress, my 14 year old advanced dressage horse can drop weight quickly.
Equi-Jewel has been a great product in helping him put condition back on without adding fizz.
+2 #5 Mel Stibbs 2014-08-10 10:32
When my failed racehorse arrived he was so poor he wasn't sure whether to eat the bedding or soaked hay & sadly he colicked twice in 48 hours. Once over the worst, I slowly introduced equijewel and 6 weeks on he looks like a different horse. He's getting condition all over, he's shiny and healthy but most of all happy. He's not got all fizzy and doesn't leave any in his bucket. I cannot recommend this product highly enough for anyone who needs their horse to put on more weight and condition. I am a huge fan of Saracens feeds and will continue to use your products and promote the benefits as I am so impressed. It's also great value for money and the staff you have manning the nutritional advice line are knowledgeable, caring and have great customer service. All in all a fabulous company. I am one very happy customer x
+1 #4 Catherine Hood 2014-08-08 23:18
Changed to Releve under advice from Lizzy when I was told my boy had a starch absorption issue 18 months ago. We add Equijewel when he needs it for extra calories for endurance He's feeling fab and looking great and we are representing England in the Endurance Home international next weekend - so can't be bad!
+1 #3 Claire palmer 2014-08-08 20:49
I was recommended this by a Saracens rep for my tb who I have struggled to keep weight on since I got him 10 years ago. He is very stressy so I can't feed m anything heating. Th equijewel combined with show improver pencils has been fantastic. My horse looks completely different and kept sis weight on all last winter and through the summer. I can't recommend it enough
+2 #2 Sue Greenaway 2014-08-08 20:37
Just wanted to say what an amazing product Equijewel is, we first started using it at work (Rockcliffe Stud) on recommendation from our feed merchant after we had imported a very valuable mare from Australia who had just finished racing. Consequently she was stressed, a very fussy eater and underweight, luckily with Equijewel only a small amount had to be fed so getting it into her wasn't too difficult and within weeks the improvement was incredible, she also got in foal first time after only 5 months since arriving, which without doubt her fantastic condition had a part to play. We have since used it on our resting/ recuperating racehorses who need condition on them and/ or do not have the appetite for a lot of feed. My own thoroughbred who is being aimed at intermediate team chasing this season is also fed on it as she lacks a bit of topline.
+1 #1 Jane Atack 2013-05-08 16:13
I have just finished my first bag of Equijewel which I purchased after reading about the properties of stabilised rice bran. I feed a high fibre, low starch diet to my horses, along with a good vitamin and mineral supplement. I felt that they had come out of this winter a little lack lustre. It has certainly lived up to my expectations. It has helped to restore the condition of my horses' coats and has helped give added stamina without stupidity in their work. Highly recommend!

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