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Do I need to feed a balancer alongside the RE-LEVE®-CUBE?

No, RE-LEVE®-CUBES contain a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and fed at the recommended intake will provide your horse with a balanced diet meaning no balancers are required.

Can RE-LEVE®-CUBES be made into mash? 

Due to the high oil inclusion, the cubes are soft and can easily be made into a high fibre mash when mixed with cold or warm water. We would recommend 1 part feed to 2 parts water and soaking for 10-15 minutes.

Do RE-LEVE®-CUBES provide condition without fizz?

RE-LEVE®-CUBES provide the optimum balance of energy for weight maintenance and work as the digestible fibre sources and high oil levels provide controllable energy without exacerbating excitable temperaments. Perfect for the fizzy horse in need of condition!

Are RE-LEVE®-CUBES suitable for horses with sharp, excitable temperaments? 

Sharp, excitable horses often react adversely when they consume high levels of starch. When fed a low starch diet, horses may become more focused and less reactive, improving trainability. The RE-LEVE®-CUBES are high in fibre and low in starch & sugar.

Will the RE-LEVE®-CUBES provide slow release energy?

Yes, RE-LEVE®-CUBES contain long lasting energy sources suitable for performance horses that require stamina. The high fibre and oil levels help support multiple competitive rounds offering slow release energy.

 Are RE-LEVE®-CUBES suitable for horses that tie up?

It is recommended to feed a high oil diet to horses with muscle issues as the oil provides an alternative energy source to carbohydrates. RE-LEVE®-CUBES provide a high oil & fibre diet to support performance horses in work.

Are RE-LEVE®-CUBES only suitable for performance horses? 

The low starch, low sugar and high fibre formulation makes the cubes suitable for a wide range of horses & ponies. They are ideal for providing weight gain for golden oldies at risk of Cushings or Laminitis as well as horses and ponies with fizzy or sharp temperaments. 

For further information on the RE-LEVE®-CUBES please feel free to get in contact with our nutritional team on 01622 718487 or fill out our Feed Advice Form