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Extra Sparkle In The Show Ring

Norfolk in hand 2

Southern Area Sales Manager Nic Read has fed Condition-Improver Mix to her 14 Year Old Clysdesdale, Gharsun for the last six years and is incredibly pleased with how he is looking. Gharsun, believe it or not is a fussy eater, so Nic found it quite the challenge to find something that he would eat which would sustain his energy levels and condition especially when travelling and at competitions.

I have fed Gharsun Saracen Condition Improver Mix for 6 years. He is a big horse and sustaining energy and condition can be challenging, especially when he is travelling and competing. I find that Condition Improver Mix provides him with everything he needs to hold his condition and topline, and also gives him a little extra sparkle for the show ring. He is a very fussy eater, so I also find the low feeding rates ideal as he can be easily overfaced.

Bag render condition improver mix

Condition-Improver Mix is a calorie dense, oat free conditioning feed with the unique inclusion of Equi-Jewel®. The mix is formulated with a blend of micronised cereals to enhance digestibility without the loss of sparkle or presence. The inclusion of 'Super-Fibres' supports hindgut health and stamina whilst the high oil levels provide the Saracen shine.

The calorie dense mix also contains Equi-Jewel®, a high-fat supplement that supports low feeding rates whilst supporting optimum condition and topline development. Equi-Jewel® also provides a very effective source of essential fatty acids in the ration to support stunning skin and coat condition.