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Feeding The Ex Racehorse Straight Off The Track

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Jen contacted the nutritional helpline as she was looking for a feed to provide weight gain for her ex-racehorse Tally, without affecting her behaviour. Our qualified nutritionist Stephanie George suggested a diet of Conditioning Cubes & Equi-Jewel to provide a calorie-dense diet to support weight gain and muscle development as Tally had just come off the track.

Our CONDITIONING CUBES are unlike many other conditioning feeds as they do not contain barley, a cereal that can cause an excitable or spooky temperament in some horses. The non-heating formulation supports all over body condition and optimal muscle tone whilst providing all the essential vitamins and minerals required on a daily basis.

Naturally high in oil and fibre, but low in starch, Equi-Jewel® is a versatile and concentrated source of energy (calories) for horses of all ages and activity levels. Oil is two and a half times more calorie dense than cereals, meaning the high oil level of Equi-Jewel® makes it extremely effective at supporting weight maintenance with only a small amount required. After a month on the diet Tally is looking fab and we look forward to following their journey.