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Lingwood Stud Broodmares In Top Condition

Lingwood Stud owner, Kay Lamb, works along with our Northern Area Nutritionist, Sarah Rushby, to ensure that during the three stages of a mare's pregnancy, they are feeding the correct amount of feed and providing the mare with the correct nutrients needed in order to produce a healthy foal.

Kay uses LEVEL GROW CUBES™ to keep her broodmares in 'tip top condition' but understands that it's not just what we see on the outside that matters. The IgG and Colostrum levels of foals produced in at Lingwood Stud in 2022, were higher than average with some being off the scale. This means that the mares were well nourished and giving the foal's immune systems the best defence possible.

Revised bag level grow cubes cut out


The Saracen Level Grow range has been formulated to be fed like a conventional stud feed and uses carefully selected, low glycemic ingredients, such as alfalfa, sugar beet and soya hulls. High levels of soluble carbohydrates have been replaced by fats and “Super fibres” as alternative energy source to cereal. This type of ration helps to support even, steady growth as well as a more trainable temperament. The mix also provides an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and quality protein in order to meet the young horse’s daily nutrient requirements. The mix contains balanced energy and protein levels to support optimal foetal development and milk production in the broodmare.

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