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Re-Covery Mash - A Game Changer For Fussy Eaters & Drinkers At Competitions

Belsay Topaz water

Tango's stunning Connie x TB, Topaz competes at Novice level with her daughter Jemima and contacted our northern feed adviser Sarah Rushby as he backed off food and water when staying away competing.

Sarah suggested supplementing the diet with RE-COVERY Mash as it contains a blend of "super-fibres", known for their superior digestibility and provision of non-heating calories, plus a source of electrolytes to aid rehydration. Topaz is ulcer prone and can be stressy at 3 day events as he normally lives out 24/7 and therefore the "super-fibres" help to top up his fibre intake, whilst the live yeast helps to support the gut flora and stabilise the pH of the gut.

RE-COVERY Mash has been a game changer as he does not want to eat or drink especially at competitions. It ensures he is fully hydrated and energisied
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RE-COVERY MASH contains 10% starch and 6% sugar and is suitable for horses prone to digestive upset when fed in small quantities. The guidelines state that when managing a horse with digestive issues, no more than 2g of starch per 1kg of body weight should be fed. For an average 500kg horse, you would be looking to keep the starch content below 1kg per day. When feeding 500g of RE-COVERY MASH, this will provide 50g of starch, however, it will be important to take into account the starch content of the horse's current feed as well.

RE-COVERY Mash now comes in a handy resealable 1.5kg Travel Pouch which is perfect for the lorry and can be purchased via our online shop.

If you would like any advice on feeding your horse, please contact our qualified nutritional team on 01622 718487 and one of our registered nutritionists will be more than happy to help.