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Working Shires Shine On Condition-Improver Cubes


For the last four years, Nic Read has worked closely with Operation Centaur to ensure that the team of 13 Shire horses receives correct nutrition advice to support the work that they are doing. With regular visits, Nic is able to adapt the diets to the amount of work the horses are doing. With busy jobs, the shire horses are working hard continuously so it is important that they receive a balanced diet.

Our team of 13 Shire horses work hard carrying out conservation work all over London, maintaining the Royal Parks and giving seasonal carriage rides. The work is physically demanding and I am always mindful that the horses must be fed suitable products to maintain their condition. Four years ago we swapped them all onto Saracen Condition Improver Cubes and haven’t looked back. It keeps them in great condition all year round, even when they are in hard work, and it provides them with enough energy to do their job, but doesn’t make them too excitable, as a good, workable temperament is essential for the work that we do.

Bag render condition improver CUBES

CONDITION-IMPROVER CUBES are barley and whole oat free to support a manageable and focused temperament without the loss of presence and performance level. The inclusion of 'Super-Fibres' and oil provide controlled energy release and support a healthy digestive system whilst providing the ultimate Saracen shine. Condition-Improver Cubes provide a balanced diet and a fully fortified with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals including vitamin E and a spectrum of B vitamins for energy production, performance, recovery and immune status, particularly for horses and ponies participating in busy training and competition schedules or with reduced access to pasture. The cubes also contain a live yeast to maintain microbial health, activity, diversity and function, which therefore helps to optimise fibre and feed digestion.

The calorie dense cube also contains Equi-Jewel®, a high-fat supplement that supports low feeding rates whilst supporting optimum condition and topline development. Equi-Jewel® also provides a very effective source of essential fatty acids in the ration to support stunning skin and coat condition.