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Feeding A Lick This Autumn

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Have you ever considered adding a lick to your horses’ diet?

The shelves are full of different types of licks that range in size, flavour, and use but how do they benefit your horse and why do they need one? Saracen Pasture Lick and Gar-Lick are fully fortified and will provide your horse with a wide range of vitamins and minerals. The Saracen range of licks are a cost-effective way of supplying your horse with a balanced diet whilst adding enrichment to their daily routine.

Feeding a lick also has added benefits such as:


Unlike humans, horses don’t excrete saliva on a continual basis, it is only produced during chewing or licking. The Saracen Pasture or Gar-Lick can be beneficial to horses and ponies who are at a greater risk of digestive upset, as licking enhances saliva production, which helps buffer stomach acidity. Saliva contains sodium bicarbonate which buffers against gastric acid in the squamous (upper) part of the stomach.

As a boredom breaker

The licks will help encourage your horse or ponies' natural browsing instinct whether fed in the stable or field. Licking takes time so they are perfect for those that are naturally stressy or on high alert! Saracen Pasture Lick is flavoured with a natural forage flavouring which will help to engage fussy feeders.

For the picky eater

Both the Pasture Lick and Gar-Lick are fully fortified and will provide a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals at a 250g intake per horse. If you have a picky eater or a horse that doesn’t require a lot of hard feed, providing a lick can be ideal. They are also great for older horses who may have difficulty eating large volumes of hard feed due to poor dentition as a lick will help to provide an easy way of ensuring vitamin and mineral intakes are consistent.

If you would like more information about either of the lick please feel free to call our nutritional team on 01622 718487 or fill out our FEED ADVICE FORM.

Pasture Lick
Pasture Lick
Gar Lick

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