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KER ClockIt

KER ClockIt™ Sport has been developed by Kentucky Equine Research to provide a modern way to measure equine conditioning programmes with the use of a heart rate monitor. The App allows you to track the intensity and duration of individual horse’s exercise regimes to enable owners and trainers to develop conditioning and feed programmes appropriate to their level of fitness and career aspirations.

Together Saracen Horse Feeds and KER ClockIt™ Sport can support the modern equine athlete, offering valuable data based on fitness and recovery, coupled with nutritionally sound support to nurture and improve results.



Kentucky Equine Research is known for being the most innovative research centre in the world and is at the forefront of both nutrition and the physiological fitness of the performance horse. The date provided by KER ClockIt™ Sport is based on the latest exercise intensity research which looked at the relationship of heart rate, speed and blood lactate in the performance horse.

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Multiple studies conducted at KER in a laboratory setting have shown that heart rate climbs linearly as speed increases whilst heart rate and oxygen consumption maintain a similar linear relationship. Conversely, blood lactate accumulation, a physiologic sign of fatigue, does not rise linearly. Instead, lactate accumulation remains tolerable until heart rate reaches about 180 beats per minute (bpm), which is approximately 80% of maximum heart rate, and then lactate increases exponentially as heart rate nears a maximum of 220 bpm. Accumulation of lactate leads to fatigue, which in turn may precipitate time penalties and disobediences highlighting the benefit of conditioning programmes using heart rate monitors.

Heart rate is an effective, non-invasive measure of exercise intensity because it takes into account numerous factors: breed, body weight, speed, experience, fitness, shoeing, the weight of the rider, rider ability, footing, environmental conditions, and other influences.

Fine Tuning Fitness

Fine Tuning Fitness

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Heart rate is an ideal way to assess the fitness of a working horse in real time and has been shown as an effective measurable parameter that is strongly correlated with other parameters which are more difficult to measure in the real world.

The KER ClockIt™ Sport app uses Bluetooth technology to record heart rate, speed, distance, and altitude on a smartphone and allows owners, riders, and coaches to share data from a training session.

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Tracking Training

Tracking Training

Completed training sessions can be reviewed using the colour coded charts to assess the intensity of the work completed. The graphs combine maximal heart rate zones with linear speed and heart rate data together with a GPS map to allow easy tracking of training sessions.

Workload relates strongly to nutrition in that energy is the nutritional factor most influenced by training and work. The amount and source of energy required are determined by the horse’s temperament, duration of exercise, and intensity of exercise. KER ClockIt™ Sport enables you to objectively measure each horse’s actual workload to make better individual feeding choices.

Take a look at how other riders are using KER ClockIt™ Sport to monitor their conditioning programs.

How to get started with KER ClockIt™ Sport?

How to get started with KER ClockIt™ Sport?

KER ClockIt™ Sport is available for iPhones and Android devices and can be downloaded via the app store. Bluetooth-enabled equine heart rate monitors can be purchased via the polar website.

To get started download and register the app, create a profile and upload your horses to begin. For more information visit

For nutritional guidance to support your KER ClockIt™ Sport data, please contact a member of the Saracen Horse Feeds registered nutritional team on 01622 718487.

KER Clockit Equine Fitness Tracker

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