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Microsteed is the ration evaluator developed by Kentucky Equine Research to assess total dietary intake of nutrients from feed, forages, and supplements.

Contribution from each element of the diet can be assessed against nutrient requirements and fit within the optimum range. Getting the correct balance and optimised intake for the diet is important for both health, development and performance.

Microsteed can be customised with individual forage and pasture results to give specific and accurate feeding reports against the needs of competition horses, leisure horses, endurance horses, and breeding stock. The analysis is set against the latest research from KER ensuring that nutritional intake is designed to maximise performance and not just meet basic requirements.

In addition to reviewing nutrient intake, Microsteed also evaluates the provision of energy from protein, fat, fibre and carbohydrate. Understanding contribution from different nutrients is particularly important when considering management of behavioural issues, designing the diet to suit the style of work, ensuring steady growth patterns of youngstock and for when needing to alter the diet to improve the condition.

The nutritional team at Saracen Horse Feeds provides feed advice tailored to your horse's needs. Contact the advice line on 01622 718487 or fill out a feed advice form online and one of the team will get in touch.