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Broome Equestrian


In an exciting new partnership, Saracen Horse Feeds have been appointed Official Feed Partner of the David Broome Event Centre.

The David Broome Event Centre is a family-owned business with a passion for equestrian sport at the forefront, a similar value to that held of Saracen Horse Feeds, also a family-owned business now in its fourth generation.

An icon of equestrian sport, David Broome is a retired Olympic show jumper, who founded the David Broome Event Centre in Chepstow, Wales, which hosts equestrian competitions and training events. Following on from David’s heritage, Wales & West is a major host of affiliated showjumping competitions as well as unaffiliated showjumping competitions, showing, mounted games and carriage driving.

Saracen’s nutritional expertise and product range are relied upon by many high-profile riders including dressage riders Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester, and showjumpers Richard Howley and Harrie Smolders. As a leading manufacturer of horse feed, Saracen are dedicated to delivering high quality, research led rations to support the nutritional demands of all horses. Their standout, market-leading product Re-Covery Mash heroes this with a unique formulation created to support recovery after exercise and travel, as well as hydration and fibre intake. Saracen Horse Feeds are also the exclusive UK partner of Kentucky Equine Research, with access to the latest nutritional research and development.

Through partnering with The David Broome Event Centre, Saracen Horse Feeds will be on hand at events throughout the year to offer feeding support and advice. Disruption to a horse’s normal routine, such as travelling and competing, can affect feeding regimes and therefore overall wellbeing. As a horse feed manufacturer with a range of research-led feeds and an excellent nutrition team, Saracen Horse Feeds are well positioned to offer practical feeding solutions for at home and away.

With seven arenas on offer, the headline events of the year include the Welsh Masters (11th-14th April), Chepstow Spring International (25th – 28th April) and Chepstow Summer International (23rd – 26th August).

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