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New Look, New Name - When Two Become One With Condition-Improver


Saracen Horse Feeds are pleased to announce an exciting change to their Conditioning products. A strategic merger of the Show Improver range with the Conditioning range sees the launch of the new Condition-Improver Mix and Condition-Improver Cubes.

The adaptably named cubes and mix will bring together the very best formulation into one while delivering outstanding condition, topline and Saracen shine.

Condition Improver Mix Cubes

Simplifying the range while maintaining the formulation from both the Conditioning products and Show Improver products, the newly packaged Condition-Improver Mix and Cubes can be relied upon to continue delivering a calorie dense formulation with the unique inclusion of Equi-Jewel®. The oat free conditioning diets are fully balanced with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and also combines superior ‘Super-Fibre’ sources and oil to support controlled weight gain whilst maintaining a trainable temperament. The appetising coconut flavoured mix and cube also contain a live yeast to support and maintain digestive health.

Renowned for providing research led formulations, Condition-Improver Mix and Condition Improver Cubes benefit from the use of Equi-Jewel® which increases the calorific content of this conditioning diet and provides an effective source of essential fatty acids. Equi-Jewel® is also high in linoleic acid (omega 6) which helps to maintain normal gastric levels.

The new look Condition-Improver Cubes and Mix are due to arrive in stores from the beginning of November. With no change to the nutrient value customers can confidently transition onto the new products without any disruption to their horse’s diet. The mix and cubes are suitable for horses and ponies that are prone to weight loss or find it more difficult to maintain optimum weight and body condition.

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