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Feeding Solutions In Every Flavour

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We use encapsulated flavours in our feeds to ensure that even the fussiest of feeders receive a balanced diet on a daily basis.

An encapsulated flavour is more beneficial than an essence or oil as the flavour is released through the physical process of chewing, which encourages horses to tuck in & clear the bowl! If you have a horse that can be fussy when staying away from home, when fitness levels increase or during the change of season try one of our feeds that contains a flavour. Our nutritional team have put together their top tips in our factsheet - Feeding the fussy feeder.


  • RE-LEVE®-MIX is a high-performance mix designed for horses that react to a cereal based diet. A blackcurrant flavour is added to Re-Leve®-Mix optimise palatability and aroma to make the ration tempting to even the fussiest of horses.
  • COMPETITION-FIT BALANCER is the most technically advanced feed balancer of its kind. Competition-Fit Balancer contains added mint to enhance the palatability of the ration, and the low feeding rates make it ideal for fussy feeders.
  • SHAPE-UP™ is a low starch, high fibre mix designed to provide a balanced diet at low intake levels and to help maintain a normal, healthy metabolism and can be used as a calorie-controlled ration for those prone to laminitis, Equine Metabolic Syndrome or Cushing's. Cinnamon is added as it is a very powerful antioxidant and also helps to make Shape-Up extremely palatable.
  • SUPER FIBRE CUBES are a great way to increase the fibre content of any horse’s ration. They can be fed as the sole concentrate feed, or as an addition to the fibre element of the ration, for example in a treat ball or scattered through hay. They can also be easily soaked to form a mash for horses and ponies that have difficulty chewing. The cubes are whole cereal grain free and are low in starch and sugar

If you would like additional information on one of our products please contact our nutritional team on 01622 718487 or email

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