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Level Grow Seasonal Transition Between Winter & Summer Formulation

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At Saracen, we have a breeding feed that is adjusted annually to allow for the seasonal differences between the energy levels found in Spring and Summer grass versus late Autumn and Winter grazing. This product is called Level-Grow (available as a Mix or a Cube) and we transition between the Winter and Summer formulations as the seasons change.

The Summer formulations have reduced feeding rates with a higher mineral profile to meet the lower calorie requirements when horses are out at grass and when there is an increased need for minerals to balance pasture deficiencies.

Effectively, the differences lie in the mineral profile of the two formulas - with the Winter formulations, the recommended feeding rate is 3.5 kg per day to appropriately meet the daily vitamin and mineral requirements of growing youngstock and broodmares. If this exceeds the energy requirements of the horse because they are already well conditioned, it is possible to feed Level-Grow at a lower rate and ‘top up’ their macro- and micronutrient levels with the addition of 0.5 kg Stamm 30 balancer.

In the Summer formulations, as long as a daily intake of 2 kg is fed, the extra nutrient density within the formulation will take care of all vitamin and mineral requirements, and the energy from the grass will cover the horse’s energy and calorific needs.

Due to this year’s long, cold Spring (it was the coldest April reported for 99 years and the wettest May for 50 years) the switchover to the Summer formulations of the Mix and Cubes being manufactured was at the latest date ever recorded since the two formulations of the Mix were first produced in 2007.

Revised bag level grow mix summer cut out
Level Grow Mix (Summer)
Level Grow Summer Cubes cut out
Level Grow Cubes (Summer)

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