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New & Improved Saracen Horse Feeds Competition-Fit Balancer


Saracen Horse Feeds are delighted to launch the new and improved Competition-Fit Balancer. The renowned muesli balancer will now benefit from a new encapsulated red apple flavour and the unique inclusion of Palatability Plus (P+).

The new Saracen taste technology follows many years research and development to support and maintain feed palatability, intake, and the appetite of fussy feeders. Palatability Plus (P+) is an exclusive seasoning that is formulated to maintain high levels of taste, using a unique savoury profile when combined with Saracen Horse Feeds, encapsulated flavours.

Saracen Horse Feeds, Senior Nutritionist Lizzie Drury explained “This is an exciting addition to the Saracen range of ingredients and ideal for the nutrient dense Competition-Fit-Balancer. This will encourage even the fussiest of feeders and those with limited appetites when travelling and competing where nutritional uptake is so important”.

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Competition-Fit-Balancer is a highly nutritious, low intake performance balancer in the unique form of a mix. The mix form allows this balancer to provide a higher level of fibre and oil to support stamina, and the inclusion of micronised maize helps to provide a higher energy level, ideal for good doers in medium to hard work. In addition, the balancer benefits from an enhanced gut package including Acid Buf and live yeast to support optimum digestive health.

The daily balancer is fully fortified to ensure that when fed at low intake levels (100grams per 100KG BW) optimum levels of vitamins, chelated minerals and antioxidants are provided to ensure a balanced ration. As well complimenting the rest of the Competition-Fit range enabling it to be easily top dressed on top of the Competition-Fit Mix and Cubes, or it can be used strategically at times of increased stress, travelling or competition. Competition-Fit Balancer can also be used as a post competition or training recovery ration to tempt appetites and support optimum replenishment of energy reserves, recovery and repair of muscles and optimum immune function.

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