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Supporting Seniors With Saracen's New Veteran Range


Following extensive research and development Saracen Horse Feeds are delighted to launch the next generation of innovative Veteran feeds.

The new VETERAN MASH and VETERAN BALANCER have been formulated to meet the exacting nutritional needs of the ever-growing senior population. Working together with The Horse Trust, renowned experts in veteran horse management and care, the new products bring together the very latest research, coupled with new and exclusive ingredients which provide additional support to horses aged 16 plus.

With priorities including ease of feed availability, quality, quantity, and palatability of feed, the new VETERAN MASH offers a high fibre, fully balanced ration especially beneficial for horses with compromised dentition, respiratory disease or in need of added condition. In addition, the appetising malted flavour mash benefits from Saracen’s new taste technology Palatability Plus (P+). This unique seasoning has been formulated to maintain high levels of taste to encourage feeding even with the fussiest of horses and ponies.

Veteran Mash Bag

The new VETERAN MASH bag features Elizabeth a popular resident of The Horse Trust. Elizabeth who is named after HM Queen Elizabeth II, served for many years as HRH Princess Royal’s Charger. Throughout her career Elizabeth took part in state and ceremonial duties such as the Royal Wedding in 2011 and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Parade. Elizabeth is now enjoying her well-earned retirement at The Horse Trust, home of rest for retired horses. The Horse Trust is the oldest horse charity in the world. Since 1886 they have been providing respite and retirement for working horses, ponies and donkeys as well as a place of sanctuary for those having suffered severe cruelty or neglect.

The new VETERAN BALANCER is a low intake muesli ration ideal for senior horses and ponies leading active and even competitive lives, whose weight needs to be carefully managed. This fully fortified, nutrient dense balancer is high in fibre, low in sugar and starch, and includes live yeast and a mycotoxin binder to provide additional digestive support for those on restricted forage and grazing. In addition to the Palatability Plus (P+) the Veteran Balancer includes a unique low glycaemic coating, which offers a source of slowly digestible energy, making this an ideal ration for those more at risk of metabolic disease such as laminitis or EMS.

Veteran Balancer Bag

The VETERAN BALANCER bag features another highly celebrated Saracen senior, Valegro. Renowned as the ultimate good doer, the Olympic, World, European and National dressage champion has been fed by Saracen Horse Feeds throughout his outstanding career. Valegro is now enjoying an active retirement alongside his GBR teammate and long term companion Uthopia.

Saracen Senior Nutritionist, Lizzie Drury commented “With our ever increasing knowledge base, leading to improvements in health, welfare and care, more and more horses are enjoying life well into their 20’s. For some of these horses and ponies they need little in the way of dietary change, however recognising the subtle signs of ageing and supporting their specific nutritional needs can be beneficial. This range not only incorporates high quality nutrition but also brings new ingredient technology to the forefront, ensuring we are leading the way with veteran horse management”.

The new VETERAN MASH and VETERAN BALANCER will be available in stockists from the 1st October. Look out for the opportunity to collect and save on every purchase made, to receive a free Saracen collectable gift.

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