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Team Quest Takes Centre Stage


With the tests learnt, stables dressed, and arena walks completed the Saracen Horse Feeds BD Team Quest Championship began with eighteen aptly named teams turning down the centre line at A.

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Riders from across the UK settled into Bury Farm with ambitions to take the title, as the closely fought competition began. The teams of 3 to 4 riders campaigned across 3 levels starting with Intro, Prelim, and Novice with the highest three scores from each team taken forward to the overnight leader board.

Tight at the top, the impressive scores from ‘Could B Rounder’ riders Stephanie Thomson, Hannah Jollife, Adele Barlow, and Abigail Collier placed them in pole position overnight finishing on 207.06. Not far behind and with everything to ride for the ‘Jenkinsons Gems’ were less than one point behind with a score of 206.13.

It was the ‘Young Impressions’ riders Emma Websdale, India Bayes, Rhianna Cottingham and Zoe Delicato who took the U21 lead overnight posting a score of 207.12. Less than one point behind them were the WKD Rascals with competitors Jemima Brown, Lucinda Jenkins-Price, Rebecca Aston and Lennon Healey.


The day's competition concluded with the highly anticipated Gala evening, with a masterclass by popular Grand Prix rider Louise Bell showcasing her training top tips and challenges on stunning young prospect Zinkwasi. Swapping breeches for posh frocks and fancy dress the Team Quest riders embraced the Gala Evening and thoroughly enjoyed the Freestyle Extravaganza Challenge presented by well-known combinations through the levels and paired with the highest scored Questers through the day. The judge's scores were combined with the Team Quest rider's scores and comments.

Young Rider Jessica McConkey Dressage was first to go and held the lead from the start absolutely nailing her Prix St Georges test with her ride Lady Gaga for 73.79%....coupled with plenty of tunes from Lady Gaga...of course! Saracen Horse Feeds rider Louise Bell Dressage was second with Into the Blue riding their country and western Grand Prix Freestyle for 72.29% and third went to Nathalie Kayal and DHI Homerun on 71.38%

Thank you to all the riders who took part in the Freestyle Extravaganza Challenge it was an inspiring way to finish the first day of the Saracen Horse Feeds BD Quest Championship.


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