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Level of work

Calculating optimum nutrition for any horse hinges on knowing the level of exercise performed, and therefore the level of energy required.

The most common mistake many horse owners make is to overestimate the level of work that their horses are doing. The following descriptions should help you to decide which category your horse falls into.

Flatwork bursary


Horses in this category are exercised three or four times weekly for between 1-2 hours per day, incorporating walk, trot and canter, with some hill work probably included. Horses may also be in preparation for pleasure rides and lower level hunter trials, show jumping and dressage.

IMG E0576


Horses in this category participate in a near-daily, structured training programme. They may be competing at upper level affiliated dressage, show jumping and eventing. This sector would include 2 day eventing. Polo ponies, endurance horses and young racehorses undergoing breaking and training would fall into this category.

Racingfotos 55088829545 2 Anapurna Oaks


These horses will be training and competing at the peak of their physical capabilities. Racehorses on an active racing schedule, polo ponies or horses competing at three-day event level fit into this classification.

If you would like to discuss your horse's work level and therefore suitable feeding solutions, please use one of the following methods to contact us for advice:

Please complete our Feed Advice Form or call our nutritional team on 01622 718487